Express is the most popular HTTP server framework for Node.js, but unfortunately it doesn't have good support for async/await. Express doesn't handle errors in async functions. Fastify is an alternative Node.js server framework that enjoys much better support for async/await in addition to better performance. In this article, I'll show you how Fastify works with async/await and show you the corner cases you need to be aware of.

Mongoose released v5.2.0 to support MongoDB 4.0 and transactions this week. In addition to transaction support, Mongoose 5.2.0

Transactions are undoubtedly the most exciting new feature in MongoDB 4.0.

There's a lot of misinformation on how to use async/await with React and Redux. In general, React does not support async/await, but you can make it work with some caveats. In particular, render() cannot be async, but React suspense may change this. For example, the below minimal example with Node.js 8.9.4, React 16.4.1, and React-DOM 16.4.1 will throw an error.

Async/await is the most important new feature in JavaScript in recent memory. Generators provided an alternative in ES6, but generators required outside libraries and provided more flexibility than most developers needed. When I was a guest on the JavaScript Air podcast, the host Kent C. Dodds asked me what generators could do that async/await couldn't, and my answer was essentially "nothing that the vast majority of developers would care about."

After nearly 4 years, Acquit, the best tool for compiling Mocha tests into documentation on npm, is now at v1.0.0.

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