It's official: paleo was the most searched for health term on Google in 2013, and, thus, paleo is no longer weird. Well, maybe its still a little weird, but at least people don't look at me like I'm crazy when I order a bunless burger anymore. As a matter of fact, I meet a lot of people who want to try going paleo, but they're held back by aspects of the paleo lifestyle that seem beyond the pale to the average New York office worker.

Software developers are not known for having the best nutrition. When it comes to development work, the stereotypical late night Red Bull-fueled coding binge is often not too far from the truth. It's hard to imagine a hackathon without a stack of pizza boxes and a mountain of empty soda bottles. In addition, no good tech firm lets their kitchen run out of chips or Vitamin Water. Proper nutrition is, however, about more than just being thin; it's about providing proper fuel for your brain so you can code smarter, faster, and better. In this post I'll give you some anecdotal evidence about why nutrition matters, some resources on how to eat and train properly, and finally give you a list of 8 concrete benefits I've enjoyed since I started eating properly.

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