No blog does a better job of keeping up with the cutting edge of JavaScript. Dr. Rauschmayer is always the first one to summarize new ECMAScript spec features in a developer-friendly way.

Better World By Better Software

Dr. Gleb Bahmutov is the VP of Engineering at and arguably the world's foremost expert on JavaScript testing. This blog is like Top Gun for testing: even if you're the best of the best, Gleb will make you better.

Kent C. Dodds on Medium

Kent's blog is my preferred source for everything React-related.


Mongoose for Application Development by Simon Holmes

This is the book on Mongoose. Even though it is from 2013, Mongoose for Application Development has stood the test of time. This book does an excellent job summarizing the core ideas that make Mongoose so powerful. Just sub out callbacks for promises.

The Little MongoDB Schema Design Book by Christian Kvalheim

Christian Kvalheim originally wrote the MongoDB Node.js driver in early 2010, and maintained the driver almost singlehandedly until 2017. As maintainer of the Node.js driver, Christian saw more Node.js on MongoDB codebases than anyone, and his experience with what works and what doesn't is unmatched. This book distills 6 years of hard-learned lessons into concrete examples of how to design MongoDB schemas for massive scale. If you want to learn how to structure MongoDB schemas for an ecommerce store, a category tree, or a blog that can support hundreds of millions of requests per day, this is the book for you.

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