Why I (Almost) Never Use npm's -g Flag

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Better AngularJS Form Validation with Mongoose

February 20, 2015

People have often asked me about my biggest pain points with AngularJS.

Building Better npm Modules with Travis and Coveralls

February 13, 2015

This blog originally appeared on strongloop.com. StrongLoop provides tools and services for companies developing APIs in Node. Learn more...

Static Site Generators are Overkill

February 06, 2015

Last December, I switched my blog over to a static page generated by a vanilla NodeJS script. So far, its been a dream come true. Thanks to Cesar Devers' design skills, the blog is far more readable than the old standard WordPress template. Also, I can write my posts in Markdown, which has done wonders for my workflow. I also have more direct control over my layout and analytics, so I can use KeenIO to track some basic metrics. Getting to this new blog infrastructure was an adventure. I had brief flings with many static site generators before settling on my current setup. In this article, I'll explain why I decided to skip out on all the established tools and just write my own solution.

An 80/20 Guide to AngularJS HTTP Interceptors

January 24, 2015

HTTP interceptors are an impressive AngularJS feature that doesn't get nearly enough press. Interceptors define custom transformations for HTTP requests and responses at the application level.

Creating REST APIs and Clients with LoopBack and AngularJS

January 17, 2015

Recently, I've been looking into StrongLoop's LoopBack framework. LoopBack generates Express REST APIs by asking you a few simple questions at the command line. LoopBack lets you swap out different storage layers. For each model you define, you can choose to store it in MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server (or even in memory). Say you decide to store your users in MongoDB but your user's gift cards in MySQL (for transactions). Even if you started writing your code with gift cards stored in MongoDB, LoopBack's database abstraction layer makes switching a one-liner. Furthermore, LoopBack has SDKs for generating REST API clients in AngularJS, Android, and iOS. In short, LoopBack is a powerful tool for generating REST APIs that you can extend to scaffold client-side code.

What's new in Mongoose 3.9.7

December 19, 2014

Mongoose 3.9.7 has just been released. While I did say that 3.9.6 would be the