String Replace in JavaScript

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Building a Form with Vue.js

March 12, 2019

Vue has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple years, and overtook Angular as the #2 frontend framework in 2018. According to the State of JS survey, Vue is the #1 frontend framework that isn't associated with a serial bad actor, which makes it worth learning if you're serious about going Facebook-free. In this article, I'll walk through building a simple form with Vue.

An Overview of ES6 Classes

March 05, 2019

JavaScript introduced the class keyword in 2015 with the release of ES6. React made classes an indispensable language feature when they introduced support for using extends React.Component instead of React.createClass() in 2015, and removed support for React.createClass() entirely in 2017 in favor of classes. Today, classes are a fundamental part of JavaScript, and many new JavaScript devs don't remember a time before classes. In this article, I'll provide an overview of how classes work in JavaScript: how to declare classes, what features JavaScript provides with classes, and how inheritance works.

How find() Works in Mongoose

February 26, 2019

There's some confusion on the internet about what happens when you call Model.find() in Mongoose. Make no mistake, Model.find() does what you expect: find all documents that match a query. But there's some confusion about Model.find() vs Query#find(), setting options, promise support. In this article, I'll provide a conceptual overview of what happens when you call Model.find() so you can answer similar questions for yourself.

For vs forEach() vs for/in vs for/of in JavaScript

February 20, 2019

There's numerous ways to loop over arrays and objects in JavaScript, and the

Convert Values to Strings in JavaScript with Archetype

February 12, 2019

Converting an arbitrary value to a string in JavaScript is surprisingly nuanced. There are 3 common ways to convert v to a string:

What's New in ES2019: Array flat and flatMap, Object.fromEntries

February 05, 2019

ES2019 was recently finalized, which means JavaScript has several new language features to learn. These features are now available in Chrome 73: